With our extensive knowledge and experience , customers enjoy  IRIS services since 1999. We have a new innovative  approach to Network Planning and Optimization Services (NPO).

Operation experience in 21 countries with more than 300 engineers ,technicians and extensive tool park. IRIS shall help you to achieve the performance targets of your networks.

Mobile Broadband is profitable business In today’s engagement economy, mobile broadband traffic is growing exponentially as people connect to their contacts, applications and services on their mobile phones. By 2020, mobile networks will need to be ready to deliver one gigabyte per user per day, downloaded at speeds more than ten times the current level.

Mobile Broadband Boom require a new approach to NPO. The concept of Total Network Performance (TNP) fundamentally addresses key business issues – subscriber retention & ROI from network assets. The solution design is built to provide a multi-dimensional view of network performance and subscriber experience. The solution allows for customers to adjust capex and opex investments on maintaining and analysing network quality according to changes in need and budget.

Subscribers are in the focus of IRIS services, either as a separate module or in part of TNP Subscriber Focused Optimization quantifies “how many subscribers are not receiving acceptable service quality” according customer segmentation such as VIPs, Roamers, Corporate Subscribers.

Along with Mobile Broadband dashboard value proposition of IRIS Network Benchmarking knowing about customer network performance against the competitors, controlling your investment while supporting the marketing strategies.

With Risk and Reward approach, IRIS run side by side to achieve customer Key Performance Indicator targets. IRIS understand the way of its customers. IRIS accepts KPI risks , accepts rewards.


Our Policies 

Quality Policy

As IRIS Telecommunication and Engineering. Ser. Inc., with customer-focused approach we use our knowledge and technological infrastructure in line with the expectations of our customers. According with the law, committed to ethical values ​​and constantly evolving ISO9001 Quality Management System and with our employees connected to this system, we commit to being a leader company in our industry.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As IRIS Telecommunication and Engineering. Ser. Inc., it is our primary goal that employees have a good occupational health and safety awareness through training and other activities and that all our employees adopt it as a common responsibility. In order to prevent injury and health deterioration as a result of our activities; We are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions by providing consultation and participation to our employees, eliminating hazards, reducing occupational health and safety risks, and operating in accordance with our ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system which is targeted to be continuously improved by complying with legal and sectoral obligations.

Environmental Policy

As IRIS Telecommunication and Engineering. Ser. Inc., we are committed to operate in line with our continuously developing ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in all areas where we work, preventing environmental pollution at the source, energy efficiency, protecting natural resources, protecting the environment, raising awareness of our employees, meeting the environmental expectations of our customers and society with sectoral and legal obligations. .