In today’s competitive Mobile Network Operators market, the subscribers are attracted by high quality service and different applications. Delivering high quality service requires very large organisation if all activities are done in the first hand. Large organisations reduce the operational efficiency. Therefore, outsourcing some of the services to the subcontractors may relief the operator from the load of such large organizations as long as the subcontractor doing a good job.

Below are some of the values that IRIS can offer you through the services as an outcome of 16 years global experience;

Reduced Churn

IRIS services help you to measure and evaluate overall network performance, which guides you to make right investment on right time to keep subscribers staying connected with you.

Increased Revenue

Being confident with the network performance and prolonged equipment lifetime through well maintenance makes you feeling comfortable to focus on marketing and sales activities.

Know-How Transfer

IRIS has strong expertise on the provided services. Especially some of the services require joint effort from operator and IRIS engineers. Each and every step of the process creates golden opportunities for both parties to exchange their knowledge.

On Time with High Quality

IRIS services provide you a high quality network within the targeted time. Quality checks at every step of the work assure that all the work is well done.

Total Concept

IRIS can provide total telecom solutions controlled from one hand. It gives operator advantages of dealing with one head instead of consuming time with many.

Competence and Expertise

IRIS serves with experienced resources and proven processes & tools. IRIS services provide the customer with a well dimensioned, properly working network.