Mobile Broadband

The Value of Data Network Experience

Data network is increasingly becoming the most important end user service in 2G / 3G networks. It is expected to be the heaviest contributor to the long anticipated increase in data revenues. In many mature markets, data revenues are already key growth area in the total revenue.

Data network is in this sense an extension of the broadband experience. The fact that users are familiar with broadband services also brings high expectations for quality of the data network service. Service quality, being one of the most important factors in the overall experience of the users, affects usage take up, usage increase and decisions to stay with the service. The role of service quality and its impact on churn is quite well understood today. This leaves us with the challenges of providing this much appreciated end user experience component for data network services.

The amount of data traffic produced by use of data network service is much higher compared to that produced by other end user services. This brings a serious strain on the network infrastructure. The network should be dimensioned for and be performing according to  the QoS levels promised to the end users.