Inteligent Network Design and Optimisation

Cities are changing every day, and with traffic and network coverage continuously changing, subscribers may experience a decrease in network quality. Meanwhile, other problems such as unbalanced utilization of network equipment and re-design of site locations have become a more serious and frequent problem. Acquisition is a way to reduce OPEX and there is a need from the market to deliver more effective networks consolidation solution. With the speed up of technology updates, coupled with a long time required for network design, operators experience an increased risk for their investment.

NSN’s Intelligent Optimization and Growth Planning (IOGP) scores over traditional techniques by performing an automated collection of large volume of subscriber data, while varying the neighbour topology dynamically which leads to a more realistic optimization solution for the end user. The service utilizes a geo location engine which develop to accurate traffic and coverage maps. This valuable input is analyzed by engineers and automated techniques to improve network coverage, quality and subscriber perception.

Identification of  the Traffic Pattern

Site Outage Impact Analysis

Discover Traffic Areas,

Indoor Coverage

Quality Pattern of the Network

Auto LAC Optimization

IOGP+ (Automated Cell Planning)